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The Yogi C Program

You are ready to take over power on your own life, then you are in the right spot!

This program will help you master your emotions and axiety to live with serenity.

This yogic odyssey will guide you on getting to know yourself and what you want to finally manifesting your dream life.

Be Aware of who you are

Breathe in and settle

Blossom to your higher self

You feel like you've already tried everything ?

  • You have been consulting to be guided on the path of your high sensitivity
  • You've been doing yoga or exercise to swet your anxieties off or find peace
  • You have been reading every possible book to find answers on how to manage your emotions

Today you are ready to break the cycle and finally live a fulfilled life !

I created this program because...

I grew up highly sensitive and I had to face a lot of difficulties.

Some examples would be:

I got taken advantage of because I was so "nice".

I couldn't express myself fully being scared to end up alone which was my biggest fear. I couldn't stay alone fearing to be overwhelmed with my own thoughts.

I was scared of judment of others and couldn't do what I wanted to.

I went through depression for a few years because I couldn't understand what I was suppose to do, how I could ever be happy like this.

But then I started some self development work, starting to listen to my own voice and express it.

I travelled and got rich of experiences and when Covid came I got scared to fall down again.

When I lost my job, I decided to take the leap and register to my Yoga Teacher Trainig and that's when I awoke.

Awakening to myself, understanding my body better, my energies. It really helped me taking over some of my anxieties and fear. I felt able to express and affirm myself which felt like reel freedom.

Today, I want to guide you on this transformative yogic journey that helped me to give you some keys to bloom into your best self and control your emotions and anxiety.

Now imagine if...

  • You could understand everything that was happening in your body which would remove some of the fear factor
  • You would feel legit to finally express and affirm yourself, respecting what feels good for you
  • You could manifest your dream life and finally take the leap towards what you always dreamed of

Everything I did to manage my emotions and the principles live by, as well as my secrets to manifest and live in total bliss are in this program, waiting for you to dive in.

⚠️ This is not a "How to get better at Yoga Practice" kind of program !

This is about diving in your conscious, getting to know yourself truely to create your dream life and manifest your wildest desires kind of program.

Inspired by my own experiences, I created a method that I know works which will mix yoga inspired rituals to self development work to make you evolve to your higher self.

By diving deep into yourself, the idea is to finally align your frequency to the frequency of the life you want to live. This program comes from my heart and I am super duper excited to share this with you, hoping it will help you to reach for the sky like it did for me.

Now is the moment, do this for youself !

Welcome to

A 100% online Transformative Yoga Inspired Program to help you manage your emotions and anxiety and manifest your dream life.

A 12 week program that will help you reconnect with your self, your soul and deepest desires.

It will also give you keys to handle your emotions, your anxiety to live with serenity.

At the end of the program we will also work on manifesting your dream life.

12 weeks to flow through change and realign your whole life and live in pure bliss.

You feel it is to good to be true ?

Believe me what I am telling you is real !

You're gonna be able to rebuild your self confidence, apprehend your emotions, know how to take a step back according to different situations and just feel better overall. And let's not forget live a fulfilled life aligned to your wishes.

Will allow you to...

Understand Yourself

We will start with an introspection to understand what is your starting point. After we will go throw the first two limbs of yoga to establish a guideline to follow in our life. We will discover your Ayurvedic profile and what feels good to you as well as your Human Design Profile. And we will also go thourgh the Energetic body. After this self analysis you will learn to reconnect to your higher self, listen to your body and unlock your emotional triggers.

Make Yourself Understood by Others

Once you know yourself you are able to communicate what is good or not for you and thus make yourself understoof by others. We will see how to express and affirm yourself to others and then we will go through different relationship statut such as: friendship, couple, family, kids, work...

We will debate on your biggest trigger and give you tips to handle different situation and take a step back not to be overwhelmed by your emotions.

Manifest Your Dream Life

After this two part you are ready. You know yourself, what you want, what you don't, you have tools to deal with your anxiety and fears. It is time to manifest your dream life.

Working on your mindset, creating new habits and a new routine, we will also use the moon and the energies to take action and manifest your wildest dreams.

I will also give you a kit in case you feel like you are relasping in your old habits with some breathwork session, a few motivational and inspirational flows and some meditations.

You are...

✨ Easily feeling blue

✨ Easily overwhelmed by your emotions

✨ You have a negative circle of thoughts

✨ Struggling to take a step back

✨ Having panick attacks

✨ Feeling misunderstood by everyone around you

✨ Having trouble to set your boundaries

✨ Easily stuck in the nostalgia of the past and the fear of the future

✨ Living a life that doesn't feel aligned

✨ Feel lost on the next step to take to make your dream life come true

✨ Lack of motivation & inspiration

After this program you will...

✨ Switch your mindset and learn to think ABUNDANTLY

✨ Have the tools to take a step back and apprehend different situations

✨ Break the pattern and recalibrate your circle of thoughts

✨ Know how to keep a distance in some situations

✨ Have tools to prevent panick attacks

✨ Know how to express and affirm yourself to others so they understand you

✨ Be able to set your boundaries to live a life you feel good with

✨ Be able to live in the moment

✨ Manifest your dream life

✨ Feel fulfilled in a life aligned to your wishes

How is the program build ?


Module 2 : RECONNECT

Module 3 : DEFINE

Module 4 : APPLY

Module 5 : PURIFY

Module 6 : MANIFEST

"What we think, we become"


Joining the program you also get :

BONUS 1 (valeur 300 €)

A kit in case of relapse with some pranayama, 10 flows and some meditation.

BONUS 2 (valeur 200 €)

Small Promotion: 10 people max per promotion so you feel comfortable sharing your experiences.

3 Live Group Coaching Calls: where you can ask any questions, share your experience and get inspired. A magic way to just connect all together on a deeper level.

Community: A What's app group per promotion to stay connected and share when anything happen + access the private Yogi C FB group for all promotion to gather together and share, connect, find motivation, support on your yogic odyssey.

28 yo Frenchie, Vatta,

Sun Libra, Moon Pisces, Rising Cancer,

I am Highly Sensitive.

I first came into Yoga to help with my back issues but it did way more than expected.

Sponge to my environment, I absorb all emotions around me.

This is a complicated thing to deal with as I can be easily be overwhelmed by those emotions because they are so strong.

Yoga helped me taking a step back, accepting these emotions and letting it go to grow stronger to face the world.

Today, as a certified Yoga teacher from the Vancouver School of Healing Arts under the direction of the beautiful Chantal Russel, I want to guide people going through the same transformation.

Thanks to Yogi C Podcast, you will get some keys and explanation on how to handle yourself and some situation and some tips and exercices to grow.

With Yogi C Program, in 3 months I will give you as many tools as possible to get stronger and accept your superpower of high sensitivity.

Plus, as a moon goddess, I will help you use the energy of the Moon through Ceremonies and other tools to manifest you dream life.

It is for you if...

🌈 You want to know yourself better

🌈 You want to learn how to express yourself

🌈 You are ready to break the pattern

🌈 You want to align yourself to what will make you happy

🌈 You are ready to manifest your dream life

How much does it cost ?

One Time Payment

777 €

3 Time Payment

333€ x 3


How long is the program ?

It is a 3 months program. I will deliver modules every 2 weeks so you have time to apprehend each subject deeply.

Do I need to live in Europe to do this program ?

No, you can come from wherever in the world.

As soon as the promotion is created I will managed to organized the Group calls on timings that are good for eveyrone !

What if I don't know much about Yoga ?

Don't worry you don't need to know anything.

The idea of this program is to introduce you some part of the yoga philosophy that will help in your self development.

Concerning the Asana - practice it will be beginner/intermediate flow which will be a good challenge but won't throw you off.

How will I access the content ?

All the modules will be hosted online on System IO. Once enrolled you will receive an email with all the needed information to access the program content.

What is the refund policy ?

This program has no refund, transfers or cancellations policy. - CGV